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University of EdinburghUnited Kingdom

Jamie Davies obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge and is currently Professor of Experimental Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh. His research investigates how organs develop in a growing human fetus, particularly the processes that enable cells to organize themselves into tissues without needing guidance from outside agencies. His laboratory is also active in developing ways to combine this basic knowledge with the principles of engineering, with the aim of building new tissues for people who need them. Dr Davies is Editor-in-Chief of the research journal Organogenesis.,bet365 soccer mx

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winning slots,When most types of human tissue are damaged, they repair themselves by forming a scar - a mechanically strong 'patch' that restores structural integrity to the tissue without restoring physiological function. Much better, for a patient, would be like-for-like replacement of damaged tissue with something functionally equivalent: there is currently an intense international research effort focused on this goal. This timely book addresses key topics in tissue regeneration in a sequence of linked chapters, each written by world experts; understanding normal healing; sources of, and methods of using, stem cells; construction and use of scaffolds; and modelling and assessment of regeneration. The book is intended for an audience consisting of advanced students, and research and medical professionals.

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